Impact and Innovation Fund 2023 – 2024

If you have had IIF or KEI funding in the past, please note that the IIF report and Pure updates for that funding will be needed before you can reapply. If your funding in still on-going, you will be asked to explain how your current funding request fits with the previously funded project. The report template can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Impact and Innovation Fund 2023-2024 is now closed to new project and ‘Rapid Response’ applications. For guidance on new PhD Internship applications, which may schedule work for the financial year beginning 1 August 2024, please see ‘Deadlines’ below. To discuss research impact funding please contact [email protected].

Please read the IIF requirements and eligibility in the Guidance and Tips for applicants documents (see links below). Please note there are different thresholds of funding for each of the two streams, Impact and Innovation, to reflect the nature of the work to be undertaken.

Before applying, please refer to our updated IIF training resource

Application and Guidance documentation:

Requirements and Eligibility

  1. The fund is open to University of St Andrews academic staff.
  2. This funding will target projects which are based on research conducted (solely or jointly) at the University of St Andrews, and which also enhance the institution’s achieved impact, whether for future REF assessment exercises, or more generally.
  3. The funding will prioritise activities that would not be eligible for or covered by follow-on grant funding, UKRI Impact Accelerator Accounts or other similar sources of funding.
  4. Calls are open to all disciplines as well as interdisciplinary projects and PhD internships (see below).
  5. Only one application per person per round is allowable.
  6. If there is a demonstrable urgent need, Impact & Innovation Fund applications will be considered between reviewing time frames in an expedited manner. In such cases, applications will be considered on their individual merit using the criteria for selection. Please note that the same conditions of funding will apply.
  7. Decisions normally will be communicated within 2-3 weeks of the proposal deadlines
  8. This scheme is intended to seed nascent projects; thus, although applicants are not limited in the number of times they can apply to the scheme, it is expected that established projects will seek alternate external funding opportunities.

** This scheme will not fund research projects, salary costs for permanent members of staff, activities where the main focus is academic, or the target audience is primarily academic. Upper limits are not guaranteed, and levels of funding will be at the discretion of the review panel and commensurate with the plans and objectives.**

Allowable costs

  • Travel costs can be included if they are part of the mechanisms to achieve impact, e.g. meetings with non-academic partners.
  • The purchase of equipment may be allowable if this is an essential part of the proposal to create impact. If unsure, please contact the Research Impact team ([email protected]).
  • If Buying Goods or Services Outside the UK – please read the following guidance that can be found on the university webpages.
  • Non-permanent staff time

Funding Limits

  • Impact Small Award: Up to £5,000
  • Impact Main Award: £5,000 to £15,000
  • Innovation Small Award: Up to £7,500
  • Innovation Main Award: £7,500 to £25,000


Main Impact and Innovation proposals: 15 April 2024

Small Impact and Innovation proposals: 15 April 2024

PhD Internships – Open Call (for applications with a proposed start date of 1 August 2024 or later)

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in pursuing a PhD internship.

PhD Internships


PhD internships should be organised with the organisation separately and are intended for relationship building with the University. They will be paid pro-rata at the UKRI stipendiary rate (£18,622 for academic year 2023/2024), which is £4,656 for the equivalent of 3 months FTE. UKRI-funded researchers will continue to be in receipt of their PhD stipend and their stipendiary period will be extended in line with the placement duration.

Please note: Unless otherwise negotiated by the candidate with their funder, a PhD internship does not alter the final PhD submission date. Internships must be completed while the intern is still registered as a PhD candidate, i.e. their status as a student needs to be either ‘R’ Registered or ‘RT’ Registered Thesis.

PhD Internship application process

This is an open/rolling call. Applications for internships which promote new collaborations will be prioritised for funding.

  1. Stage 1: As an Expression of Interest, please complete and submit the “University of St Andrews Impact & Innovation Fund 2023/24” application. We suggest that preliminary negotiations with relevant parties start before this application is submitted.
  2. Stage 2: If the Stage 1 funding is approved in principle, a completed “University of St Andrews Impact & Innovation Fund PhD Internship” form will need to be submitted within 4 weeks of successful Stage 1 email notification. This PhD Internship form scopes the project in more detail to provide clear objectives, expectations and structure to the proposed work to ensure that the internships are successful for all parties. It will require the signatures of the doctoral student, their supervisor and the host organisation mentor. Please request this form by emailing [email protected].
  3. Stage 3: Upon Stage 2 approval of the internship project, a “University of St Andrews PhD Internship Placement Agreement” must be signed by the doctoral student, their supervisor, the host organisation mentor and the VP Research & Innovation. This document is a legal document aimed primarily to ensure the safety of the student.
    Please request this form by emailing [email protected].

NB: Students must comply with the University UKBA attendance monitoring policy (Tier 4 visa holders).

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in pursuing a PhD internship.

Completed applications should be submitted online via the Qualtrics link here: Impact & Innovation Fund 2023 – 2024



We ask that all recipients of Impact Innovation funding complete the online Impact Narrative Report Form. The Word version, St Andrews Impact Narrative Report Form, is provided for your convenience and records.

Please direct any queries to the Research Impact team [email protected]