Impact and Engagement Definitions

Whilst many of the words used in the context of research impact and engagement have wider use, when navigating the impact world of academia, there can be specific uses of words and phrases. This resource provides definitions and use context as it relates to research impact and engagement at St Andrews.

Acronym Cheat Sheet

All acronyms marked * are the terms used by the University, external bodies may use different terminology

AHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council

BBSRC Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

*DOII Director of Impact and Innovation

*DOR Director of Research

ECR Early Career Researcher

EDAP Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel

EDI Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

*EES Earth and Environmental Sciences

EIA Equality Impact Assessment

EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

ESRC Economic and Social Research Council

EU European Union

*FAS – Finance Advice and Support

FTE Full-Time Equivalent

FTMA Flexible Talent Mobility Account

GCRF Global Challenges Research Fund

*GSD Geography and Sustainable Development

HEI Higher Education Institution

HESA Higher Education Statistics Agency

*HOS Head of School

IAA Impact Acceleration Account

*IIF Impact and Innovation Fund

*IRED Institutional REF Equality and Diversity

KTP Knowledge Transfer Partnership

LIFTS St Andrews Leadership Initiative For Tailored Support

LPIP Local Policy and Innovation Partnership

MRC Medical Research Council

NERC Natural Environment Research Council

PBIAA Place Based Impact Acceleration Fund

PDRA Postdoctoral Research Associate

PI Principle Investigator

RAE Research Assessment Exercise

*RBD Research Business Development

RE Research England

REB Research Excellence Board

REF Research Excellence Framework

REG Research Excellence Grant

*RIS Research and Innovation Services

RO Research Organisation

RTPs Research Technicians and Technology and Skills Specialists

SCH Strategic Co-ordination Hub

SFC Scottish Funding Council

SMRU Sea Mammal Research Unit

SOI Scottish Oceans Institute

SPRE Scottish Policy and Research Exchange

STAIRS St Andrews Interdisciplinary Research Support

STFC Science and Technology Facilities Council

*TTC Technology Transfer Centre

UKRI UK Research and Innovation

UOA Unit of assessment

UPEN Universities Policy Engagement Network

WBH Walter Bower House


Activities – What you do as part of your research e.g. collaboration, lab/fieldwork

Engagement – communicating research to non-academic stakeholders, by reaching out to three main audiences: professionals, policy practitioners, and the general public.

Impact – a demonstrable effect, change or benefit beyond academia

Impact Evidence – Proof of impact claims which demostrate the change. See Impact Evidence for further information

Innovation – a product, service, business model, or strategy that is both novel and useful

Inputs – Requirements of research projects, e.g. time, staff, facilaties

Internal/External – Internal relates to processes created/managed by St Andrews; external relates to processes outside of St Andrews

Outcomes – Changes resulting from research or associated activities, e.g. media coverage, spin-outs, adaptations

Outputs – Products or deliverables of research and associated activities, e.g. publications, legacy materials