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Government and funding organisations generally expect researchers to be aware of the potential difference their research could make to society, to be able to articulate how impacts could be generated, to consider ways of accelerating such change, and to take account of benefits resulting from their research. The Research Impact Team supports researchers by providing advice on impact idea generation, planning,  execution, evidencing and reporting (such as the REF 2021).

Administered by the Research Impact Team:

These funding streams support activities that strengthen relationships with strategic external partners and maximise the potential for research impact in any sector with non-academic users of research.

Recent news from the Research Impact team

  • Motorcycling as Peacebuilding
    The motorcycle taxi sector is the largest employer of young people in Liberia. Dr Jaremey McMullin works to mend their violent relationship with the police.
  • Developing a Sustainable Future for Guinea Fowl Farming
    Guinea fowl are crucial to the food supply chain of Africa, and researchers are helping to improving the stability of guinea fowl farming as a source of income and nutrition.
  • Beyond Fact or Fiction: Enhancing Documentary Discussions
    In their research at the Department of Film Studies, Dr Leshu Torchin and Dr Philippa Lovatt have expanded the limits of how documentary can be understood and studied.

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The Research Impact Team: Laura Bates, Euan Donohue, Jamie Brown & Jamie Locke-Jones
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Impact Training sessions via Organisational and Staff Development Services (OSDS)

Managing Research Information: impact in depth

Date: Thursday 10 March 2022

Managing Research Information: an introduction to impact, open access, Pure, data management

Date: Thursday 7 April 2022

Research commercialisation as impact

Date: Thursday 14 April 2022

Managing Research Information: impact in depth

Date: Thursday 28 April 2022

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Other Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) opportunities

Research videos

Find out about research videos and some of the research recently undertaken by academic staff in  this series of short videos.

You can also view several business engagement and company formation videos which represent projects that were supported by our 2013-2015 EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account.