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Government and funding organisations generally expect researchers to be aware of the potential difference their research could make to society, to be able to articulate how impacts could be generated, to consider ways of accelerating such change, and to take account of benefits resulting from their research. The Research Impact Team supports researchers by providing advice on impact idea generation, planning,  execution, evidencing and reporting (such as the REF 2021).

Administered by the Research Impact Team:

These funding streams support activities that strengthen relationships with strategic external partners and maximise the potential for research impact in any sector with non-academic users of research.

Recent news from the Research Impact team

  • Climate & Heritage on the Tanzanian Swahili Coast
    At 2pm, BST, 30th July, Chemical and Abella released their latest song and video on Climate & Heritage on the Tanzanian Swahili Coast.  The song and video has been produced by Mocco Genius. The release is the latest in a run of very successful music videos/songs by the renowned Tanzanian rapper, Chemical who is joined this…
  • School of Physics and Astronomy lights the way for deep-sea diving
    For commercial deep-sea divers, light is a precious commodity. Their work is among the most dangerous in the world, performing critical work such as repairing oil rigs with constraints on their time, mobility and senses. The water pressure of their environment is such that even the air they breathe must be specially formulated, to avoid…
  • Making mathematics history known worldwide
    The School of Mathematics & Statistics’ biographical approach to the history of mathematics has been soundly justified by the online MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. By drawing attention to mathematicians who had undeservedly been forgotten by other sources, MacTutor has become indispensable for the study of mathematical history. The project has moved beyond academia and…

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The Research Impact Team: Laura Bates and Euan Donohue
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Research videos

Find out about research videos and some of the research recently undertaken by academic staff in  this series of short videos.

You can also view several business engagement and company formation videos which represent projects that were supported by our 2013-2015 EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account.