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Government and funding organisations generally expect researchers to be aware of the potential difference their research could make to society, to be able to articulate how impacts could be generated, to consider ways of accelerating such change, and to take account of benefits resulting from their research. The Research Impact Team supports researchers by providing advice on impact idea generation, planning,  execution, evidencing and reporting.

The Research Impact team manages UKRI-funded Impact Acceleration Accounts, the University’s Internal Impact & Innovation funds and other impact ‘block’ funding. These impact funding streams support activities that strengthen relationships with strategic external partners and maximise the potential for research impact in any sector with ‘non-academic’ research users.

The Research Impact Team also supports the Directors of Impact & Innovation, coordinates the University’s Impact REF preparations, provides Research Impact training (both internal and external), and bolsters the University’s impact work via our Impact and Research blogs and the team’s Twitter account (@UStAResearch).

Recent impact news

  • Scotland’s future, Scotland’s past, and the perspectives in between
    Land is a fundamental part of life on Earth, but the way we interact with it inspires complex conversations across disciplines. Thinkers across the ages have grappled with the question of how we ‘own’ land: how fencing off a section of land and calling it ‘ours’ leads to broad questions of identity, nationalism, and more. … Read more
  • Combining the sciences to tackle health challenges: UTI diagnosis, social science and SLIC
    Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common infections investigated in clinical settings, affecting more than 404.6 million individuals in 2019. These bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics, but a global rise in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has meant that diagnosing and treating UTIs increasingly requires a high level of specificity, in order to … Read more
  • Theology for a new conversation: disability and healthcare rationing
    What comes to mind when you think of ‘the perfect human?’ Are they athletic, musical, intelligent – or just able-bodied? Whether we realise it or not, the concept of an able-bodied ‘perfect human’ is something that permeates our lives, from daily social interactions to healthcare – having deep-seated effects on how disabled and neurodivergent people … Read more

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Meet the Research Impact team:

Martin Brooks, Head of Research Impact (incoming) Laura Bates, Head of Research Impact (outgoing)
Rees Hughes, Research Impact Officer (Harmonised IAA Manager)
Euan Donohue, Research Impact Coordinator
Ishani Khemka, Research Impact Press Officer (Interim)
Victoria Lee, Research Impact Press Officer (Interim)

Please contact the Research Impact team if you have any research impact related query.
Email: [email protected]  

Meet the Engagement with Research team:

Sandra Appleby-Arnold, Head of Engagement with Research

Please contact the Engagement with Research team if you have any engagement with research related query.
Email: [email protected]