BBSRC “Explorer” IAA 2023-2024

The “Explorer” fund is designed for PIs who have not previously been funded through BBSRC IAA funding or those planning to apply for BBSRC Follow-on funding (

All projects will undertake one or more of the following activities:

  • Market validation
  • Proof-of-concept projects
  • Engagement with users and/or industry partners

Eligibility criteria

  1. The BBSRC “Explorer” IAA fund is open to the University of St Andrews academic staff, including both research only and research & teaching staff on fixed or permanent contracts. We actively encourage applications from early career and under-represented researchers.
  2. Projects’ underpinning research must fall within the BBSRC-remit.
  3. Interdisciplinary projects delivering impact or translational activities across discipline and faculty boundaries, i.e. across research council remit boundaries, are actively sought. Please note that such projects should be at least 50% within the BBSRC remit and should be submitted by the BBSRC remit academic.
  4. It is recognised that successful awards could lead to subsequent proposals to other internal funds in future.

Allowable/Ineligible costs

  • Travel and subsistence, consumables
  • Researcher/PDRA salaries
  • Specialist advice and market research
  • Meetings, workshops, conferences, and networking events specifically targeted at external organisations and non-academic users of research.
  • Provision of training or expertise which will benefit practitioners or other non-academics.
  • Practical applications of research to improve the environment, reduce pollution, recycle waste products, or improve sustainability, health, quality of life, understanding of health issues, deliver new treatments or therapies, affect non-academic practice or guidelines, etc.
  • Engagement with intermediary groups, such as NGOs, policymakers or local government which will influence subsequent policy and practice.

Ineligible costs:

  • Costs related to basic research activity, which should be funded through standard grant route
  • Costs that should have been anticipated and supported as part of the initial funding (such as public engagement related to a specific grant)
  • Undergraduate activities, core PhD, Masters and CPD costs or training
  • Equipment with a value over £10,000 per item
  • Indirect costs or estate costs
  • Late-stage commercial development for which there are other funding sources, e.g. companies, Innovate UK, Venture Capital, Scottish Enterprise, etc.

Funding Limits

  • This funding stream is for projects up to £15k and with a spend deadline of 31st March 2024.

Completed applications should be submitted online via the Qualtrics link here: BBSRC “Explorer” IAA 2023 – 2024

Deadline for proposals is 12 Noon, 8th September 2023