Academic School and Department Impact Pages

The University of St Andrews is comprised of a number of Academic Schools and Departments, which are organised into four Faculties.

Each school/department below, you will find a link to their Research & Impact pages.

Please note that schools with an * currently do not have a dedicated impact page, the link given will take you to the schools main page.

School of Art History*

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School of Biology

School of Chemistry

School of Classics

School of Computer Science*

School of Divinity

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

School of Economics & Finance*

School of English

Department of Film Studies

School of Geography & Sustainable Development

School of History*

School of International Relations*

School of Management

School of Mathematics & Statistics

School of Medicine*

School of Modern Languages

Department of Philosophy

School of Physics & Astronomy

School of Psychology & Neuroscience

Department of Social Anthropology