Valuing Intact Tropical Peatlands

PI: Dr Katie Roucoux This work, led by the School of Geography and Sustainable Development, is studying the social, economic and cultural values of peatlands in the Peruvian Amazon to complement existing scientific research on the carbon content, ecology and formation of tropical peatlands in the Pastaza-Marañón Foreland Basin. It also serves to test research … Read more

Fishing and farming in the desert?

Understanding the impact of El Niño on marginal communities in northern Peru PI: Professor Nina Laurie In 2017 El Niño Costero devastated northern Peru.Outbreaks of malaria, dengue and zika infected hundreds of people and large-scale flooding resulted in loss of life, infrastructure, homes and livelihoods. However, the temporary lakes and lake-shores that emerged following El … Read more

Community Crafts & Culture

Empowering Indigenous Communities for a Sustainable Future PI: Dr Karen Brown Researchers in the School of Art History are ensuring secure tourism for indigenous communities in Costa Rica’s remote areas which have poor infrastructure. Through the promotion of their artisan crafts, the project seeks to empower these communities towards a sustainable future by supporting them … Read more

Recovering Samoan Instrumental Music to Promote Cultural Heritage and Enterprise

PI: Professor Emma Sutton This work, led by the School of English, is building a consortium of scholars, musicians and heritageindustry staff recovering rareSamoan traditional instrumental music. Developed in collaboration with and in response toSamoan musicians, musicologists and heritage industry stafffollowing 2015 pilot visit, theproject addresses two questions: how do we draw together and vitalize … Read more

Technological Innovations to Efficiently and Responsibly Harness Primary Resources

PI: Dr William McCarthy and Dr David McCollum Geology and geographical political boundaries dictate that some 80% of all copper is extracted from porphyry mines in the Global South. As the industrial appetite for critical metals grows in the Global North, so does the imperative to minimise the environmental damage caused by the mining processes … Read more