Directors of Impact and Innovation

School/Department Directors of Impact and Innovation Contact Email
Art History Sam Rose [email protected]
Biology Ulrich Schwarz-Linek [email protected]
Chemistry Eli Zysman-Colman [email protected]
Classics Ruben Post [email protected]
Computer Science Ozgur Akgun [email protected]
Divinity Andrew Torrence [email protected]
Earth and Environmental Science James Rae [email protected]
Economics & Finance Conny Wollbrant [email protected]
English Dina Nayeri (Sem 2) [email protected]
Film Studies Glyn Davis [email protected]
Geography and Sustainable Development Althea Davies [email protected]
History Rory Cox [email protected]
International Relations Akali Omeni [email protected]
Management Vicky Ward [email protected]
Mathematics and Statistics Collin Bleak [email protected] 
Medicine Matt Holden [email protected]
Modern Languages Victoria Donovan [email protected]
Philosophy Ben Sachs-Cobbe [email protected]
Physics and Astronomy Duncan Robertson [email protected]
Psychology Gayle Doherty [email protected]
Social Anthropology Stavroula Pipyrou [email protected]
International Education Institute Sin-Wang Chong [email protected]
Museums Collections Unit Matt Sheard [email protected]