EPSRC international partnerships and collaboration projects

Research is international and many challenges that we face are global. As well as maintaining the strength of world-leading global research, the University of St Andrews wants researchers to be able to work with the best and most effective collaborators around the world. Our international partnerships and global agreements are key to enabling this. The … Read more

Sustainable Futures Series Success

The St Andrews Global Challenges Forum held a four-part webinar series throughout October on the theme of ‘Sustainable Futures’. 228 people registered to take part from 19 countries.

Challenging global energy use through online art

The first of its kind in the world, the Centre for Energy Ethics brings together the arts and humanities with the social, natural and material sciences. The Centre aims to engage members of the public through initiatives like the virtual gallery, which is open now.

Building artistry from industry

Dr Victoria Donovan has brought awareness to the rich and largely overlooked history of Welsh migration to Ukraine in the late 1800s, collaborating with archives to develop new ways of sharing the connections between industrial communities across Europe.

The global fight against tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a major global killer with approximately 9 million new cases and 1 million to 2 million deaths per year. The School of Medicine has developed global capacity to improve treatment, developing shorter, safer drug regimens and improving diagnostics for monitoring treatment.