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JAMIE ALLAN BROWN is the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Cultural Project Coordinator for heritage-based projects in Costa Rica, Peru, Tanzania and Ukraine. Working in collaboration with colleagues in the School of Geosciences, the School of Geography and Sustainable Development and the Research and Innovation Services (RIS) team. He is the Co-Investigator for the GCRF funded project; Community Crafts and Culture. Project Administrator within the Museums, Galleries, Collections Institute (MGCI), School of Art History at the University of St Andrews, Scotland for the EU-LAC Museums project. His essay ‘The case for an inclusive museum: a perspective from excluded groups and communities’ featured in ICOFOM’s Defining museums of the 21 st century: plural experiences, he co-authored ‘Sustaining a sense of place through community crafts and culture’ featured in ICOFOM’s Museum & Place as well as ‘Community crafts and culture: empowering indigenous communities’ in Greenlines Institute for Sustainable Development’s Heritage 2018.

Jamie Allan Brown

Sustainable Futures Series Success

The St Andrews Global Challenges Forum held a four-part webinar series throughout October on the theme of ‘Sustainable Futures’. 228 people registered to take part from 19 countries.