RURU: Using research to evidence policy

The Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU) has been shaping how we use research to inform and change policy and practice since 2001. Housed within the Department of Management and led by Dr Vicky Ward, RURU aims to investigate and enhance the use of social science research within policy contexts. In a new phase of … Read more

Recovering waste, recovering voices: recycling and empowerment in Latin America and Scotland

In the movement toward sustainability, recycling, waste, and plastics have assumed major significance in global conversations. But understanding how plastic recycling and waste management can align with people and planet will require more than just ecological and economic analyses – their social dynamics are also a major point of consideration. Dr Patrick O’Hare is a … Read more

Celebrating Social Science at St Andrews

The Social Sciences @ St Andrews group are organising a seminar from Professor Michael Hechter: see below. Further details of this event are TBC. Refreshments will be provided. Status Reversal and Its Discontents Fabian G. Neuner and Michael Hechter, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University The recent rise of reactionary politics in modern … Read more