Lost Detectives no longer: ‘novel’ forms of Russian crime fiction

During the late imperial era of Russian history (1860-1917), crime fiction was a hugely popular literary genre. But with the exception of a couple of famous names, most of these stories’ authors have been forgotten to history – consequentially, copies of their work are available exclusively in Russian, and many have not even been reprinted … Read more

Impact Timescales

Planning the timescales, milestones and KPIs of impact work in a clear, feasible and measurable way early in a project maximises opportunities to deliver impact and to create a detailed impact narrative. Impact narratives allow you to communicate the value of the benefits your research has brought about and can contribute to a variety of … Read more

What is Research Impact?

Reserach impact is ‘fuelled by basic research’ and defined as ‘a demonstrable effect, change or benefit beyond academia’.  These changes happen as a result of research which has been translated outside of academia via knowledge exchange, spinouts, training, events, exhibitions, etc. Why is research impact important? Research impact connects research to the wider world. It … Read more

Embedding Impact

Impact is a growing aspect of academic life. As such, it is important to embed impact into your research planning as early and effectively as possible. By integrating impact into your research journey at the initial planning stages, it allows you to optimise evidence collection, collaboration opportunities and strengthening partnerships. Impact is synonymous with change, … Read more

Safeguarding LGBTQ+ heritage for the future

June is Pride Month – a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and honour the legacy of activists and movements that have fought for equal rights. Although LGBTQ+ history is long and complex, comprised of distinct stories from around the world, many of these stories are not often told in mainstream narratives. Professor Glyn Davis … Read more