Learning through Immersive Experiences: Simulating Cerebral Visual Impairment

Understanding how illness and disease might be experienced by another person is easier said than done. Yet, with the advent of virtual reality (VR), there are growing possibilities. Virtual reality transcends physical boundaries, allowing users to immerse themselves in interpretations of the lived experiences of others, often shedding new light on misconceptions. A flourishing interdisciplinary … Read more

Boundary spanning for Peru’s peatlands

Although sustainability and climate change mitigation are global issues, they require a mix of government-level and local solutions to address the challenges most pressing to people around the world. This is especially true of the world’s most valuable remaining ‘intact’ ecosystems, such as the peatlands of Peru – which store vast amounts of carbon and … Read more

Evaluating war through ethics with the Ethical Decision Assessment Framework

Commanders on the battlefield face a wide range of complex decisions. While military planners can draw on decades of precedent to inform their choices in some situations, other scenarios are much more ‘grey’ – calling for new guidelines in military decision-making. Professor Anthony Lang of the School of International Relations has helped to develop the … Read more

Storytelling with Impact Evidence

Narrative is a vital framework for communicating and planning your research impact. Using storytelling to bring an audience, reader or collaborator on a journey with you can give deeper and fuller insight into your work. By moving beyond description and into narrative, impact communication can involve empathy, interest and understanding, whilst firmly contextualising the story … Read more

RURU: Using research to evidence policy

The Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU) has been shaping how we use research to inform and change policy and practice since 2001. Housed within the Department of Management and led by Dr Vicky Ward, RURU aims to investigate and enhance the use of social science research within policy contexts. In a new phase of … Read more