Research Impact Funding

Generating, enriching or extending research impact can incur costs. The research impact team manage a number of funding streams which are purpose-built for impact work. These funds can be used for a variety of purposes, such as seeding new projects or strengthening ongoing work. To understand what your work is eligible for, we have a series of training pages focused on specific funds.

Before you apply, there are a series of questions you should ask regarding your project work.

Impact begins with engagement, so we encourage the use of our online Engagement with Research pages to ensure projects maximise engagement opportunities. All funding streams will expect applications to have addressed areas such as impact summaries, timescales, milestones, impact evidencing, EDI, SDGs etc. All research impact funding is designed to progress work towards applying for external funding.

There are some key differences between funds which can influence which one should be applied for. The main divergence is between the Impact and Innovation Fund (IIF) and the Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs).

It is important to be aware of the criteria for different funding pots so that you can apply for the appropriate fund first time.

Whilst it is important to apply for the appropriate fund, it is also important to apply to the appropriate stream within funding pots.

For more details on applying for research impact funding, please follow the links below: