Personal Impact Plan

Research impact is defined as ‘a demonstrable effect, change or benefit, beyond academia’. It includes, but is not exclusive to, influences on, or changes to: This is the definition you, as an academic, should principally keep in mind, but you should also remember that impact can  take place within academia (for example through teaching, building … Read more

What is Research Impact?

Reserach impact is ‘fuelled by basic research’ and defined as ‘a demonstrable effect, change or benefit beyond academia’.  These changes happen as a result of research which has been translated outside of academia via knowledge exchange, spinouts, training, events, exhibitions, etc. Why is research impact important? Research impact connects research to the wider world. It … Read more

Recording Impact in Pure

Keeping a timely record of impact work, and capturing evidence of such, allows impact details to be documented in one place and for the value of the changes to be more demonstrable and visible. Pure has a module to record impact where entries can be connected to other aspects of your work, such as activities … Read more

Impact Acceleration Accounts

UKRI grant impact-focused funding through Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). These funding streams are designed to further the strategic goals of UKRI and its respective research councils. The University has been awarded funds through three Harmonised IAAs: EPSRC and MRC IAAs and the BBSRC Pathfinder IAA. The EPSRC and MRC IAAs are 3-year funds which run … Read more

Impact and Engagement Training

Impact and engagement work involves planning, measuring, gathering evidence and potentially seeking funding. This resource collates materials designed to explain various aspects of research impact and engagement at St Andrews and beyond. Planning Capturing Funding Contacts If there are areas which you or your colleagues may want a tailored training session on, such as REF … Read more