The economic potential of green technology metals in Angola

GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorAnouk Borst SchoolsEarth & Environmental Sciences ODA countriesAngola Sustainable Development Goals Investment associated with natural resources is one of the key ways in which developing countries make rapid changes in wealth and infrastructure. This project assesses the geology of alkaline igneous complexes in Southern Angola and their potential to host exploitable … Read more

Supporting Lake Victoria fisheries management

Building legacy and capacity by providing data security and improving processing methods for fisheries survey data GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorsRoland Proud SchoolsBiology ODA countriesKenya, Uganda, Tanzania Sustainable Development Goals Goal 11, Goal 12, Goal 14 The Lake Victoria fishery supports c. 35 million people in the East African Community (EAC). The fishery is managed … Read more

India’s coastal blue carbon resource

GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorWilliam Austin SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesIndia Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 13, Goal 14 Blue Carbon resources offer the potential to become incorporated into frameworks for the implementation of sustainable development goals and to help meet the challenges of the current global climate emergency. The frameworks of the Intergovernmental Panel on … Read more

Co-operatives as an organisational model for urban women in Papua New Guinea

GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorMelissa Demian SchoolsSocial Anthropology ODA countriesPapua New Guinea Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 5 Towns and cities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are characterised by rapid in-migration from the rural areas of the country, insecure housing, a youth bulge, and precarious livelihoods that depend heavily on the informal economy. Due to ongoing structural … Read more

Beyond the Frontier

Towards sustainable livelihoods across the forest-agricultural interface of the Selva Maya in Mexico and Guatemala GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorRehema White SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesMexico, Guatemala Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 12, Goal 15 The Selva Maya forest of southern Mexico and northern Guatemala is of global importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well … Read more