“StAKz Hub”

A research centre for strategic technological capacity building for the primary resource sector in Kazakhstan GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorsDr William McCarthy, Dr David McCollum SchoolsEarth & Environmental Sciences, Geography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesKazakhstan Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 7, Goal 16 StaKz Hub facilitates collaboration between academics, industry and early career professional to put innovation into practice … Read more

Sustainability transitions in the Selva Maya

Mapping the policy landscape and livelihood responses GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorRehema White SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesMexico Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 12, Goal 15 Latin America is seeking to reduce urbanisation by maintaining and developing feasible livelihood options in rural areas. A complex, shifting and often incoherent policy context has often lacked the implementation … Read more

Maximising analytical and translational capability for social science data on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in East Africa

GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorsKatherine Keenan, Mike Kesby SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesUganda, Tanzania Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 3, Goal 17 This capacity building project brought together over 40 scientists from East Africa and Scotland for the first time to train in a range of qualitative, quantitative and geospatial methods which can be applied to … Read more

Fishing and farming in the desert

A platform for understanding how to respond to El Niño in the context of climate change in Sechura, Perú GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorNina Laurie SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesPeru Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 1, Goal 13 Research in the Sechura desert region in northern Peru is suggesting that, for the desert dwelling communities, El … Read more

Community Capabilities and Marine Protected Area Governance

Scaling up and Capacity development GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorTim Stojanvoic SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesKenya Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 16 This is rapid response work responding to the Covid-19 crisis. The aim of the project is to protect the marine environment and to improve the social welfare of communities for whom Covid-19 has been … Read more