Tackling antimicrobial resistance in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)

GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorDr Wilber Sabiiti SchoolsMedicine ODA countriesMalawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Gabon, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Moldova, Thailand, Vietnam Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 3 Tuberculosis (TB) is a poverty related disease and over 90% of the deaths occurs in Low and Medium Income Low- and Medium-Income Countries. It is difficult disease to treat, taking … Read more

Supporting Lake Victoria fisheries management

Building legacy and capacity by providing data security and improving processing methods for fisheries survey data GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorsRoland Proud SchoolsBiology ODA countriesKenya, Uganda, Tanzania Sustainable Development Goals Goal 11, Goal 12, Goal 14 The Lake Victoria fishery supports c. 35 million people in the East African Community (EAC). The fishery is managed … Read more

Breaking the 4th wall of climate migration

Developing policy and education capacity of local climate justice organizations in Somalia and Kenya GCRF Funding Cycle2018-19 Principal InvestigatorAli Watson SchoolsInternational Relations ODA countriesEthiopia, Kenya, Somalia Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 9, Goal 16 Contrary to what is often conveyed in public discourse, climate migration is more than coastal communities being displaced by rising sea levels; climate … Read more

Essential equipment for multispecies fish stock assessment on Lake Victoria

GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorAndrew Brierley SchoolsBiology ODA countriesTanzania, Uganda, Kenya Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 12, Goal 14 The Lake Victoria fishery supports c. 35 million people in the East African Community (EAC). Fisheries ecologists from the School of Biology are working with human-health and fishery partners around Lake Victoria in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya on connected, multidisciplinary … Read more

Community Capabilities and Marine Protected Area Governance

Scaling up and Capacity development GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorTim Stojanvoic SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesKenya Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 16 This is rapid response work responding to the Covid-19 crisis. The aim of the project is to protect the marine environment and to improve the social welfare of communities for whom Covid-19 has been … Read more