Sustainability transitions in the Selva Maya

Mapping the policy landscape and livelihood responses GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorRehema White SchoolsGeography & Sustainable Development ODA countriesMexico Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 12, Goal 15 Latin America is seeking to reduce urbanisation by maintaining and developing feasible livelihood options in rural areas. A complex, shifting and often incoherent policy context has often lacked the implementation … Read more

Remote Sensing for sustainable use of seasonally dry tropical forests

GCRF Funding Cycle2019-20 Principal InvestigatorProfessor Thomas Meagher SchoolsBiology ODA countriesAmazonian countries Sustainable Development GoalsGoal 15 Seasonally dry tropical forests face critical challenges of conservation, unsustainable use, local poverty and migration to urban areas. Our overall aim is to develop novel technology for assessing biodiversity and ecosystem quality to inform landuse policy.  With leadership from St … Read more