‘Sacred Space and Social Memory’: lessons from the land in the Grenadines and the Isle of Skye 

On opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean lie Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Isle of Skye. The cultures of these two islands have unique connections to land, in which the natural environment is deeply intertwined with culture and community. These connections have endured through a long history of challenge: clearances, dispossession, and displacement … Read more

Impact Acceleration Accounts

UKRI grant impact-focused funding through Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). These funding streams are designed to further the strategic goals of UKRI and its respective research councils. The University has been awarded funds through three Harmonised IAAs: EPSRC and MRC IAAs and the BBSRC Pathfinder IAA. The EPSRC and MRC IAAs are 4-year funds which run … Read more

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Research Impact Evidence

Impact can arise from a multitude of directions and follow diverse pathways. To help you document how the impact journey of your research has progressed, this resource outlines examples of impact evidence gathering. It is arranged by impact type[1] and is a non-exhaustive list of ways in which change resulting from research impact can happen. … Read more

GRADE-ing tax policy for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa 

How do we support sustainable development? There are countless answers to this question, with 17 intersecting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) presenting numerous opportunities for social, environmental, and economic well-being. An important starting point may lie in the relationship between international policy and national governance – for instance, if a global policy can be made more … Read more

Digitising and deciphering the Mangas Khipu Board

Drawing on interdisciplinary methods and techniques, Maria Koulouri in the Department of Social Anthropology has developed the first digital record of the Mangas Khipu Board, helping further decipher the context and meanings of Andean Khipu records and make them more accessible to people around the world. Khipu is a record system of strings and knots … Read more