KE & Impact Fund

The University of St Andrews KE & Impact Fund is open to University of St Andrews academic staff.

The fund targets projects based on research conducted (solely or jointly) at St Andrews which enhance the institution’s achieved research impact. Research impact is the effect on, change to or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond academia.

The funding prioritises activities that would not be eligible or covered by follow-on grant funding, RCUK Impact Accelerator Accounts or other similar sources of funding.

Calls are open to all disciplines as well as interdisciplinary projects and PhD internships (see below).

(a) Main KE & Impact Awards

Suggested applications from £2,000 to £10,000
Deadlines for proposals:

  • 9 November 2020
  • 26 April 2021

(b) Small KE & Impact Awards

Suggested applications from £500 to £2,000

Submissions cluster and consider for funding. Open for Rapid Response applications only – please ensure the urgency aspects of your project are clearly explained in the application.

KE and Impact Fund Application Guidance & Application
Useful tips for applications

Completed applications should be submitted by the School/Departmental Director of Impact with a statement of support to

PhD internships

To work with an organisation in the private, public, or third sector; arrangements can be flexible and are expected to total 1 to 3 months FTE.

The PhD internships should be organised with the organisation separately and are intended for relationship building with the University. Applications for internships which promote new collaborations will be prioritised for funding.

  1. Stage 1: As an Expression of Interest, please complete and submit, by the Main Award deadline, the KE and Impact Fund Application Guidance & Application Form. We suggest that preliminary negotiations with relevant parties start before this application is submitted.
  2. Stage 2: If the Stage 1 funding is approved in principle, a completed KE Impact Fund PhD Internship form will need to be submitted within 4 weeks of successful Stage 1 email notification. This PhD Internship form scopes the project in more detail to provide clear objectives, expectations and structure to the proposed work to ensure that the internships are successful for all parties. It will require the signatures of the doctoral student, their supervisor and the host organisation mentor.
  3. Stage 3: Upon Stage 2 approval of the internship project, a “University of St Andrews PhD Internship Placement Agreement” (available from RIS Impact) must be signed by the doctoral student, their supervisor, the host organisation mentor and the VP Research & Innovation.


We ask that all recipients of KE&I funding complete the online Impact Narrative Report Form. The Word version, St Andrews Impact Narrative Report Form, is provided for your convenience and records.

Please direct any queries to