Capturing new education models among indigenous and quilombola minorities in Brazil

GCRF Funding Cycle

Principal Investigator
Stavroula Pipyrou

Social Anthropology

ODA countries

Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 4, Goal 10

The project responded to GCRF and SDG strategic objectives in quality education provision by capturing education models produced by indigenous communities in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and understanding how they can be adapted to other ODA contexts. Over 30 years of affirmative action, a successful feedback loop has been established between primary education designed by and catering for indigenous communities and higher education programs offered in Brazilian universities. Higher education opportunities for indigenous people have been significantly broadened with programs and degrees for indigenous students and teachers.

Brazil is an exemplary case where models of education have produced generations of indigenous students and teachers. However, indigenous education is now under-threat of eradication by the recently elected right-wing government. In collaboration with indigenous and quilombola communities, this project generated much valuable data regarding indigenous and minority education.