Useful links – including funding opportunities

Parliamentary Academic Fellowship scheme (open call)

The EPSRC IAA funded Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme is open at present, with a deadline for initial expressions of interest, direct to the Fellowship Scheme, by 4th September 2017.

This scheme is open to researchers who wish to advise the UK Parliament, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funds can be used to support part time or remote working on this scheme. Please contact at the earliest opportunity if you are thinking of applying for this scheme.

Useful links

The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) has many very useful resources, such as advice on planning public engagementworking in a partnership, working with the media and much more.

The Conversation ( is an independent, not-for-profit media outlet that uses content sourced from the academic and research community, to which the University subscribe. Academics work with Journalists from The Conversation but have full control of the content and when it is released.

Funding opportunities for fostering impact

Wellcome Public Engagement Fund is for anyone with a great idea for engaging the public in conversations about health-related science and research.

Level of funding:You can apply for anything from £5,000 up to £3 million
Duration of funding: Up to 5 years

Wellcome: Small Grants in Humanities and Social Science
Small Grants fund programmes of activities that enable researchers to establish and develop networks, explore new areas of research and increase the impact of their work.
Career stage: Early, Intermediate, Senior, Returning to research
Level of funding: Usually up to £30,000
Duration of funding: Flexible, usually 6 to 12 months but can be longer

AHRC Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement Scheme provides funds to support innovative and creative engagements with new audiences and user communities which stimulate pathways to impact. Funds will be awarded for knowledge exchange, public engagement, active dissemination and commercialisation activities that arise unforeseeably during the lifespan of or following an AHRC-funded project.

Operates without formal deadlines and will offer awards of up to £100,000 (fEC) for a maximum of 12 months

NERC Follow-on Funding is a ‘proof of concept’ fund to support the commercialisation of ideas arising from that NERC-funded research, for which a maximum of £125k (£100k NERC contribution at 80% fEC) may be requested.

NERC Pathfinder Grants Pathfinder awards enable you to fill knowledge gaps of good understanding of the likely market potential for the technology around which the project is based via activities such as market assessment and competitor analysis, intellectual property searches, engaging with potential commercial collaborators and end-users, and ‘milestone 1’ technical work where the technical feasibility of the whole project depends on it. Pathfinder awards are normally between £7,000 and £10,000, but in exceptional circumstances a maximum of £25,000 is available (NERC will contribute £20,000 at 80% fEC).

The Scottish Universities Insight Institute supports programmes of knowledge exchange which address and provide insight on substantial issues that face Scotland and the wider world. Their programmes break down disciplinary and organisational barriers in bringing together academics from different backgrounds, policymakers and practitioners. Check the website for current calls.

Research Council links

Measuring impact

eventIMPACTS: This site provides a toolkit to measure the economic, environmental and social impact of cultural events

Altmetric tracks real-time news and social media attention to a research output. Sign in with your username and password.

TEDx is designed to help organisations and individuals spark conversation and connection through a combination of live speakers and TED talk videos.

Partnership links

Impact and public engagement awards

  • THE Awards – to recognise the pioneering work that is taking place in universities to promote the arts.
  • The Guardian University Awards to recognise best practice, innovation, creativity and excellence
  • ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize – an annual opportunity to recognise and reward the successes of ESRC-funded researchers who have achieved, or are currently achieving, outstanding economic or societal impacts.

Industry & business competitions

  • Converge Challenge – Scotland’s premier business competition which is open to staff and students of all Scottish Universities and Research Institutes.  We work with any industry sector, product or service-based idea at any stage of the development.

Industry & business opportunities

University Technology (UT) is a pan-Scottish university initiative that was originally launched in March 2004 by Scotland’s universities as part of a collaborative effort, over and above each university’s marketing efforts, to showcase new technology opportunities from Scotland’s academic research base.

Informatics Ventures is a knowledge exchange program that runs across the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) and helps foster innovation and entrepreneurship within  start-up and spin-out companies and develops strong relationships between Industry and Academia.

The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) helps students in Scotland discover their entrepreneurial talent and start up their own ventures. Their mission is to help create new student businesses and social enterprises and to increase the number of students who consider entrepreneurship a real option during and after their studies through a number of activities and events.

Interface is a knowledge connection for business. It exists to promote innovative business and academic collaborations through translating the needs of companies of all sizes, and from all sectors, into manageable projects for Scottish Universities and Research Institutions whether it involves knowledge exchange, business and product development, process or service improvement, or analysis and testing.

Scottish Enterprise identify and exploit opportunities for Scotland’s economic growth by supporting Scottish companies to compete, helping to build globally competitive sectors, attracting new investment and creating a world-class business environment. Might help in identifying local partners.

Policy links

Royal Society awards

  • Kavli Education Medal – awarded for impact in the field of science and mathematics education
  • Gabor Medal – for interdisciplinary work between the life sciences with other disciplines
  • Michael Faraday Prize – for excellence in communicating science to UK audiences
  • Armourers & Brasiers’ Company Prize – for excellent use-inspired research on structural or functional materials that is both fundamental and for the benefit of society
  • Mercer Prize – for scientists whose research has been commercially exploited for significant wealth generation or societal benefit in the UK
  • Pfizer Prize – for scientists working in the biological sciences to promote capacity building in Africa
  • Winton Prize for Science Books – celebrates outstanding popular science books from around the world and is open to authors of science books written for a non-specialist audience

Vitae impact guides and information

Enterprising Researcher and other booklets – leading world class professional and career development of researchers (you may need to register with Vitae to access these)

Tools for Policy Impact: A Handbook for Researchers

Engagement, influence and impact – What areas of knowledge and skill should you be developing for success in engaging and influencing others?